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Our Services

TMDC’s construction and engineering design services includes wide range of services as follows:

Engineering planning and design

Once our client has approved conceptual design of its project, TMDC can compliment the design stages with its detailed design and specifications, to achieve most detailed plans which are also very costs and time effective and environmental friendly.


TMDC operates in the field of construction including but not limited to infrastructure, civil engineering, public projects and infrastructure. Over the years, its mother companies has exhibited outstanding capabilities in planning and executing complex projects, integrating exceptional management and engineering capabilities, advanced construction methods and uncompromising quality and service. These capabilities are now available for Thailand as well.

After construction services

Once construction of a project has been successfully completed to the best of TMDC’s standards, TMDC will keep all project’s as made plans to enable it to provide its clients after construction services. TMDC does not simply disappear and let its clients cope with future challenges, if it all.

Renovations and restorations works

TMDC is specialising in high quality finishing works and restoration. The company provides solutions for existing buildings restoration and renovation. TMDC’s know how and rich experience in restoration of offices, commercial areas and public buildings restoration enable it to offer same services in Thailand. These services will enable to improve the functionality of existing buildings and extend their operational life and as a direct consequence, increase their value.

Construction Capabilities

  • Residential
  • Shopping Centers, Department Stores
  • Factory, Manufacturing Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospital, Welfare Facilities
  • Infrastructure, Roads, Tunnels, Bridges

Support services

  • Project Planning & Design
  • Value engineering of existing plan
  • Cost Control
  • Field testing
  • Consultancy