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Danya Cebus is proud to be a central participants in the ongoing upgrading of the infrastructures necessary for the rapidly growing Israeli economy, including highways, interchanges, bridges, tunnels and railways.

Danya Cebus has executed some of the most complex projects ever undertaken in Israel, such as the Cross-Israel Highway (Highway number 6), Route number 40 (the Beer Sheva Bypass), the Gilon tunnels in the Akko-Carmiel railway line section and segments of the new railway line to Jerusalem and Modi’in. These projects are an expression of Danya Cebus’s strengths and its outstanding technological, logistical and management capabilities. Danya Cebus is the leading company in Israel in the Public Private Partnership sector.

It offers its customers comprehensive solutions for all project stages - from the preliminary design through to post-completion maintenance and operation. Under the P.P.P. method, customers benefit from private sector financing, reduced costs, more efficient quality control, comprehensive warranty, dependable deadlines, efficient project management and advanced technological solutions.

One of the best examples of a P.P.P. project by executed by Danya Cebus is the construction of Highway number 431 - a lateral expressway enabling delay-free commuting between Rishon LeZion and Modi’in, delivering an advanced, safe driving experience. In this project, as in the Cross-Israel Highway (Highway number 6), Danya Cebus is engaged both as a concessionaire and as the executing contractor, providing all of the de- sign, construction and operation services all within a one-stop shop.