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Some of the most beautiful and luxurious residential neighbourhoods built in recent years in Israel are just part of the tens of thousands of apartments that Danya Cebus has built since it was established. Some of the projects consist of villas, while others are high-rise residential towers. The projects are designed and executed to perfection down to the last detail, while implementing all of the latest technological innovations in the housing construction industry. This includes end-to-end landscape development, with community centres and commercial centres included for the benefit of the inhabitants. Thus far, the company has built over 30,000 high quality apartments all over the Israel and has revolutionised the way residential neighbourhoods are perceived in Israel, whether under the company’s Savyonim brand name or on behalf of the largest and most important developers in Israel.

All of this has been done in to the full satisfaction to its clients. Danya Cebus delivered over so many years high quality residential experience along with a high standard of living and a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Also Major Development, developed over the years many condominiums in Thailand under the brand of M Signature and other brands.

MJD has received honourable awards “Best Developer (Thailand)” at the 2014 South East Asia Property Awards and the 2014 Thailand Property Awards.