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Other activities

Africa-Israel Residences Ltd.

Africa Israel Residences, a subsidiary of Danya Cebus, is an entrepreneurial company building and marketing thousands of apartments throughout the country, setting a new standard for quality of living in Israel. The company offers new apartments featuring a rich, high-quality specification, in community residential neighbourhoods which have been developed by the company. Residents in the Africa Israel Residences projects enjoy a high level of community, education and culture facilities, adapted to the specific standards of the inhabitants.

HaSavyonim Neighbourhoods - symbol of quality of life:

One of Africa Israel Residences’ hallmarks is the residential HaSavyonim neighbourhoods, which can be found all over the country. These neighbourhoods have become highly desirable, thanks to the combination of a high standard of construction, high quality educational facilities, shopping centres, recreational facilities, and well-kept parks, all of which are developed by Africa Israel Residences for the benefit of the neighbourhood’s residents. Living in one of the Savyonim neighbourhoods anywhere in the country ensures a pleasant, safe space for the entire family.

The luxury apartments - new standards of comfort and luxury:

The Africa Israel Residences luxury projects offer the next generation of residential experience, featuring accurate design and personalised services, assuring unsurpassed luxury and complete privacy. The experience begins the moment one enters the compound via its luxurious lobby, complete with security services, health clubs and spas, all the way to the tastefully designed apartments, where maximum comfort has been kept in mind throughout.

Cebus Rimon Industrialised Construction Ltd.

Cebus Rimon Industrialised Construction Ltd., 100% owned subsidiary of Danya Cebus, is the largest and oldest company in Israel of its kind, leading in the area of industrialised construction for the residential, commercial and infrastructure markets. Uncompromising attention to quality of construction, processes and controls, together with the knowledge and experience accumulated over many years, along with the support from Danya Cebus, have made Cebus Rimon a leading company in industrialised construction in Israel, ensuring quality from the foundation up.

The company provides all of its customers a comprehensive solution package, starting with consultancy by its experts, engineering design by expert designers in the field of industrialised construction, through industrialised production of a wide range of products for all kinds of construction (certified to the ISO9002 standard), leading to the manufacture and execution on sites by professional construction teams, expert at assembling the industrialised elements.

Cebus Rimon manufactures custom industrialised elements for all types of construction works. The Cebus Rimon factories have been designed and built according to the latest, most advanced French construction methods, all under one roof. Some of the products the company offer are: industrial design and construction, manufacture of industrialised elements of construction for the residential market, public and commercial facilities, among them ceiling slabs, columns, pre-tensioned beams, precast stone-clad walls as well as providing contractor services.

The company also provides elements for infrastructure projects such as bridge elements, segment bridge elements, retaining walls, culverts, ditches and more. Other special elements, which have been developed and are manufactured exclusively by Cebus Rimon and the mother company Danya Cebus, like industrialised models of above-ground and subterranean transformer rooms of various sizes, are in compliance with the Israel Electric Corporation specifications. By using industrialised construction, it is possible to minimise the amount of “wet works” and casting at a construction site to as little as 30% compared with a building that would have been built using other methods.

Forma Projects Ltd.

Forma Projects Ltd., a subsidiary of the Danya Cebus group, is a unique company specialising in high quality finishing works and restoration. Forma was established in order to provide a solution for the growing need for large, stable companies specialising in high-quality professional finishing works. It operates in a variety of niches: luxury housing, restoration projects, offices, commercial areas, and public buildings.

Forma devotes the utmost attention to every detail throughout all of the stages of the work, delivering end-to-end project supervision. Forma’s team of engineers and architects, operate professionally and efficiently to deliver the best possible solution in the high quality standards its customers expect.

Geo Danya Ltd.

Geo Danya is specialising in foundations, retaining walls and advanced geotechnical works. The company specialises in diaphragm walls, deep excavations for underground parking lots, piling (specialising in bentonite works), slurry walls, jet grout, soil anchors, dewatering and treatment of polluted water and all operations related to geotechnical works.

Geo Danya is jointly owned by Danya Cebus Ltd. and a leading specialised group from Spain. The company execute works as a general contractor as well as a subcontractor. Geo Danya works are executed in the highest standards. This can be seen not only in the immense, uncompromising investment in equipment and machinery, but also in the recruitment of first-class professionals, experts and skilled manpower on site.