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International Projects

Danya Cebus operates outside Israel in Romania, Russia and in the United States.

Romania - Danya Cebus Rom

Danya Cebus Rom is a construction company which has been operating in Romania since 2007 as a part of the Danya Cebus Group’s global growth strategy. Danya Cebus Rom has established itself in Romania as a high quality business leader. Its work is characterised by advanced management using many years of past experience. Throughout the years of activity the company has dealt successfully with numerous challenges and has overcome them all uncompromisingly. Danya Cebus Rom started its activity in Romania by building the EVOCASA ARMONIA project for Adama Holdings Group.

EVOCASA ARMONIA consisted of two residential towers with a total of 262 apartments. Since its establishment in Romania, the company has executed complex, challenging engineering projects building residential, commercial and office spaces.

Danya Cebus built the AFI PALACE mall in the Cotroceni neighborhood of Bucharest. The mall, second largest in Eastern Europe, is 250,000 square meters in size and contains approximately 250 stores. Construction work on the mall began in October 2007 and ended in October 2009. During those 24 months, the company worked 24-hour days 6 days a week. The project, which challenged Danya Cebus Rom’s capabilities, engaged approximately 2,000 workers on some of the months, it ran a concrete station which was set up on site and supplied 145,000 cubic meters of concrete. The project concluded successfully and includes a glass dome with an area of 4,200 sq.m., 4,500 tons of steel, approximately 1,000 doors, a 12,000 Sqm. skylight, 20 cinema theatres and a unique IMAX structure.

Since the project was completed, the company has been awarded two other contracts for construction of shopping malls in the cities of Arad and Ploiesti and became the leading construction company of shopping malls in Romania.

In addition, the company has built thousands of apartments as well as office towers to an exceptionally high finishing standard. In light of its successes to execute diverse projects, the company was chosen to build the NATO AEGIS ASHORE missile base in Eastern Europe in the southwestern Romanian town of Deveselu. Since its establishment, Danya Cebus Rom has won many awards in Romania.

The company’s offices are located in the AFI PARK tower, a 10 story office tower that Danya Cebus Rom built as a part of a three-tower office complex, which will in the future be expanded to a total five towers.

Russia - Danya Cebus Rus

Danya Cebus Rus, headquartered in Moscow, was established in 2004. The company is managed by professionals from the Israeli and Russian construction industry, who laid down the organisational philosophy of providing services to local Russian and foreign investors, in order to accomplish western standards of quality and safety, taking advantage of a variety of materials, technologies and manpower from around the world, in projects being built throughout the Russian Federation.

The company has succeeded, within a short time, in completing high-profile, competitive projects, such as the multi-purpose Ozerkovskaya business centre, the Aquamarine hotel, the Moscow AFI mall - a shopping and entertainment centre and the Triumph shopping centre in Saratov.

Danya Cebus Rus has a long-term experience in turnkey design-build projects, especially in reinforced concrete works, steel structures, mechanical and electrical works, subterranean infrastructure installations, finishing works, facades, landscape development and gardening. By taking advantage of the company’s past and present experience in working with renowned local and international investors, as well as with leading consultants, Danya Cebus Rus nowadays employs a highly professional management team capable of meeting any challenge that may occur in the process of building complex projects.

USA - Danya USA

Danya USA started operating in New York in April 2013. The company is in the process of building various residential projects throughout New York City.