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“Leading quality construction that always deliver more than client’s expectation”


  • implementing Quality culture in the company based on the concept of “do it right the first time” to meet and exceed client’s expectation in every projects
  • employing creative building technologies and new innovation in construction and operation to ensure the most efficient construction method and timely delivery
  • operating with customer’s mind set, working closely with the clients from the time construction starts to project completion so the company can understand and commit to client’s needs and constraints


TMDC is a Thai construction company established by Danya-Cebus Group of Israel and Major Development Public Company Limited (Thailand) , enjoying both companies know how and vast experience in construction of real estate developments and infrastructure projects. Danya Cebus experience goes back more than 80 years with hundred of projects successfully delivered in different parts of the globe.

Danya CebusDanya Cebus

Danya Cebus Ltd., has been traded in the Israeli stock exchange since the year 2000. The company operates in the field of construction including but not limited to infrastructure, civil engineering, public projects and infrastructure. It has exhibited outstanding capabilities in planning and executing complex projects, integrating exceptional management and engineering capabilities, advanced construction methods and uncompromising quality and service.

Since its establishment approximately eighty years ago, Danya Cebus has consistently strengthened its position as a leading company in the construction market, focusing on high-quality residential buildings - the core and pride of the company, while steadily establishing a growing network of excellent relationships with the leading entrepreneurial companies in the Israel and abroad, backed up by tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

The company has also executed dozens of impressive public buildings, office buildings, commercial and industrial projects, for public and private entrepreneurs. Danya Cebus has specialised over the past decade in the execution of large-scale, complex infrastructure projects, including road construction, railway infrastructure, bridges, tunnelling and development of the auxiliary supporting infrastructures.

The Cebus Rimon factory for industrialised construction, wholly owned by the company, delivers high-quality industrialised solutions for all kinds of construction and infrastructure. The company has established itself as a “key player” in complex Design-Build projects as well as functioning as a contracting company in public-sector projects involving the private sector (PFI, PPP), thanks to its in-house engineering capability, which enables to design civil engineering works and to evaluate efficient alternatives to existing designs.

Additionally, the company, through subsidiaries, has for years been exporting its management and engineering capabilities in support of successful overseas projects. The company has been, past and present, highly successful in executing impressive projects in Europe and the United States - residential, commercial, offices and hotels.

Recently, Danya Cebus has established niche subsidiaries: Forma which is specialising in finishing works and restoration, and Geo Danya, specialising in geotechnical works. Danya Cebus also owns Africa Israel Residences Ltd. which develops over 1,000 apartments per year and operates under the Savyonim brand name.



Major Development Public Company LimitedMajor Development

Major Development Public Company Limited has continuously developed premium residential projects since it's establishment in 1999 by Poolvoralaks family. It became a public company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2006 with registered capital worth of 1,050 million THB (35 million USD).

Major Development Public Company Limited's business is property development with a focus in high end condominium that emphasizes on luxurious and exclusive lifestyles. Furthermore, the Company has continuously invested in R&D for construction standard, exceptional architecture and interior design, as well as employing high quality materials, making its projects at par to those of international standard. Major Development still created their growth built on the success from the development and service of integrated real estate, including the development of efficiency on increased working continuously. Therefore, we have gained prestigious property awards as follows

  • BCI Asia Top Ten Developers Award 2014 - Thailand
  • Winner Best Developer (Thailand), Thailand Property Awards 2014
  • Winner Best Developer (Thailand), South East Asia Property Awards 2014